- RAT Handwired '6V6' Fender Blues Junior - 

I have been Modifying, Building and Using Valve Guitar Amplifiers for over 40 Years. Valve Amps are a Black Art - but not Rocket Science. In this All Digital world it is easy to forget what a REAL Guitar Amplifier Sounds like and Manufacturers HYPE will lead you to Believe that their latest Digital Sampling Marvel is just as good or Better than the Real thing - Total Nonsense. There is No such Beast, and there has never been a Digital or Transistor Amp that can come close to the Magical Harmonic Tone Produced by a Good ALL Valve Guitar Amplifier.

Digital and Transistor Amps have their place, Cheap and Cheerful, they allow you to Get Started playing the Electric Guitar. However, once you can play 3 Chords, it’s time to get a REAL Amplifier - A Valve Amp.

In the past, I have built Valve Amplifiers from Scratch but the Bulk of my Business was Modifying Production Amps. Most recently my time is devoted to Handwiring Fender 'Blues Junior' and 'Princeton Reverb' Amps.

RAT Modified Amps will hold their own or Out Perform most of the Best Boutique/Factory Amps in the World. I know this because I have Tried them all.


 - FBJ v3 Black 'EL84' and Tweed '6V6'/'6L6GC' Amps - 

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