- RAT Handwired '6V6' Fender Blues Junior - 

I have been Modifying, Building and Using Valve Guitar Amplifiers for over 40 Years. Valve Amps are a Black Art - but not Rocket Science. In this All Digital world it is easy to forget what a REAL Guitar Amplifier Sounds like and Manufacturers HYPE will lead you to Believe that their latest Digital Sampling Marvel is just as good or Better than the Real thing - Total Nonsense. There is No such Beast, and there has never been a Digital or Transistor Amp that can come close to the Magical Harmonic Tone Produced by a Good ALL Valve Guitar Amplifier.

Digital and Transistor Amps have their place, Cheap and Cheerful, they allow you to Get Started playing the Electric Guitar. However, once you can play 3 Chords, it’s time to get a REAL Amplifier - A Valve Amp.

In the past, I have built Valve Amplifiers from Scratch but the Bulk of my Business was Modifying Production Amps. Most recently my time is devoted to Handwiring the Fender 'Blues Junior' Amp Only.


 - FBJ v3 Black 'EL84' and Tweed '6V6'/'6L6GC' Amps - 

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