- Made in the UK - 

I am no longer modifying these Amps - The Following is for Information Only.

The Amp is an All Valve, Class A, Cathode Bias, Single Ended Design with NO Transistors, Chips, Digital Processing or SMT (Surface Mount Technology). An Original Design 5w Amp. It uses a Nice 3 Stage Gain Circuit, without a Ton of 'HISS'. Limited 'Clean' Headroom, (as with all 5w SE Amps) but Loads of  'Crunch' and 'Sustain'.

As of 1-5-11 the V2 Combo has been Replaced with the New 'C5-01' (V3). Although the Circuit Design is the Same, the Internal layout and all PCBs are Different with the addition of a 'Low Power Mode' (Speaker Attenuator) Switch on the rear panel of the Amp. The 3x Valves now hang down from the Rear Lower Panel making Access a LOT Easier. The Chassis is slightly Thicker Bent Steel Construction with Pressed Inserts. The Combo Cabinet is more 'Solid' due to Thicker Ply Construction and the Top Control Panel is recessed slightly deeper into the Amp. The Speaker is the Same - Marshall/Celestion 'G10F-15'.

The New 'Low Power Mode' Speaker Attenuator works only on the Internal Speaker and Not on the External 16 Ohm Speaker Socket. The Output Power of the Amp is Reduced from 5 Watts RMS to 0.3 Watts (Headphone Level). Needless to say, this type of Attenuator is a waste of time and 'Sucks' Tone out of the Amp. The RAT 'OPR' (Power Scaling) System works LOADS Better.

On the Test Bench the Stock Amp is Producing 5 Watts RMS and about 8 Watts Peak Power into 16 Ohms. The Speaker is a Custom Spec (G10F-15) Celestion 10", 15 Watt, 16 Ohm Driver.

If you are Buying a 2nd Hand Amp - Steer Well clear of the V1 (Single Solid Rear Panel) version as the Metal Chassis is thinner than a sheet of Paper and the early Amps were plagued with 'Rattles'. Marshall recalled most of the V1 Amps and made several changes to try and get rid of the 'Rattle' but there are still a few of these V1 'Dogs' around.

The Only Problem I can find with the new C5-01 Amp is that you have to run it FLAT-OUT to get the 'Classic' Marshall Sound, then it's too Loud for Home Use......RAT 'OPR' sorts that out......


- All Modifications -

1. - 'OPR' - Output Power Reduction.

2. - Master Volume Control - Allows Preamp Overdrive -or- Power Amp Overdrive -or- Both.

3. - 3x Preamp 'Bias' and 'Gain' Switches.

4. - Modified Tone Stack - Allows each Frequency (Treble, Middle and Bass) to sweep from 'Zero-to-Max'. The Standard C5 Combo Tone Controls operate in a 'Preset Range'.

5. - Series FX Loop - 'Send' and 'Return'. The 'Send' Socket can also be used as a PREAMP 'Line Out' and the 'Return' Socket can be used for Direct Access to the Valve Power Amp (For External Preamps -or- Multi-Effects Processors).

6. - Variable Boost Footswitch - Switches the Internal Boost (Tone Bypass) circuit On-or-Off. The Footswitch is fitted with a Variable boost Level control (from Zero-to-Max) and gives a HUGE Boost to the MID Frequencies and Harmonics. The Footswitch is Metal construction with a 12 foot lead and 'Red' LED 'On' Indicator.

7. - Standby Switch - Carling Combination 'Off-Standby-On' Mains Power Toggle Switch fitted to all Amps.

8. - 'Line-Out' Socket.

There are several 'Other' Modifications I do that Enhance both Performance and Reliability.

If you Own one of these Amps - Send it to me - The Above Modifications will make it Loads Better and you will be able to 'Crank it' in the Bedroom.

These Modifications are suitable ONLY for V2 and V3 (C501) Amps. The V1 Amp (Identified by a Single Solid Rear Panel) will not support the Changes.

Excellent Pricing and Rapid Turnaround on this Amp.

Please 'Contact' Me for a Great Quote.


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