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- VOX AC4 - Head and Combo -

This is a Small, All Valve Offering from VOX. It is a Modern Classic Reissue of the Popular 'AC4' back from 1961. It's a Nice Looking Little Amp but the Cabinet Build Quality is not the Best, it's made from MDF. Although the Amp is sold as a 4 Watt Amp (AC4), it is actually 5 Watts RMS just like every other Class 'A' SE 1x EL84 based Amp, it's just a Marketing Gimmick. There is Very Little Clean Headroom Available. The Designers have configured the Amp for Early Breakup and Maximum 'VOX' Creamy Distortion. The 'Tone' Control works well with Loads of  'Cutting' Treble Available. There is an 'OP LEVEL' Control which allows the Output of the Amp to be set at 4 (5), 1 or 1/4 Watts. It's a Nice touch but it 'SUCKS' Tone out of the Amp when used on the 1 or 1/4 Watt Setting and is a waste of time. The Original 1960s Amp used an 'EF86' Preamp Valve and a 'EZ80' Valve Rectifier. This Reissue Amp uses a '12AX7' Preamp Valve and a 'Silicon Rectifier'. The Amp Chassis is Solid with Quality Components and the one thing that 'STANDS OUT' and makes this Amp Sound so Sweet is a SUPERB Quality Output Transformer. There is only One 16 Ohm Speaker Output but the Amp will happily drive an 8 Ohm Speaker without any problems. The Background 'Noise' Level is Acceptable, No 'Buzz' but a little bit of 'Hum'. Overall, Both the AC4TV Head and Combo Amps Sound Good and if you Like the Classic VOX Sound - Get One.

Because the Amp is a Modern Classic Reissue, I hesitate to do any 'Tone' Changing or 'Visual' Modifications, after all, if you Buy this Amp, you will want the Classic 'VOX' Looks and Sound. The One Area that can be Dramatically Improved - without changing the 'Tone' of the Amp, is the 'OP LEVEL' Control. I Remove the 3 Position Rotary Switch and replace the Control with 'OPR'. The Amp looks EXACTLY the Same but the 'OP LEVEL' Control actually works as it should.

Also, I replace the Stock On/Off Mains Power Switch with a Carling 3 Position Switch - 'Off-Standby-On'. The Amp still looks Stock but the new Switch adds the 'Standby' Function.

There are several 'Other' Modifications I do that Enhance both Performance and Reliability.

The 'AC4TV' Combo is Available with Several Different Speaker Sizes - Go for the 10" Version.

These Modifications also apply to the VOX AC4C1 Combo.

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